But again it’s not the only method and you need to know exactly what kind of output is used on your laptop if spdif output is combined with analog output: Did this solve your problem? You can find them discussed in forums like: Well, my Creative SB Live! My digital receiver also doesn’t emit the known red light from the optical in jacket, although I set it to use this input?

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I have no sound and the driver I have doesn’t work.

It’s much better than the standard solution you described. MikeMoye has already described it: This is a bit strange?

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You can follow the question or vote as yamaha ac-xg wdm audio, but you cannot reply to this thread. I understand how frustrating it could be when using a computer without sound. What about the signal level of both cables? Once again damn XP being so irritating at hiding basic settings!

The only possible problem is dirty connector lenses or breaking the glass fibre by bending it sharply. Feel free to write back to us if you have any other issues related to Windows.


YAMAHA AC-XG WDM Audio Driver Download

I have tried everything from using a Vista driver to trying to manually installing the driver. And thanks valex for you answer. Home Help Search Login Register. Please let yamaha ac-xg wdm audio know what I should do?

Sorry, but I can’t follow you, what you told me about optical cables. I personally find this very interesting Currently not all problems are solved. Refer to the below link to install the driver in adm mode.

And request to your post: That will show the Advanced button below the Volume Control fader. I have not been able to get an updated driver for this pc. Non-standard 4pins for example jack yamaha ac-xg wdm audio also possible. Please login or register.

Yamaha AC-XG WDM Audio & SPDIF output over coaxial line

I let everything on default and yamaha ac-xg wdm audio during play back of aucio DVD that AC3Filter software shows at least output stream data, but this wasn’t the case. The reason is most probably the combo jack. You will not see and light coming from an optical connector designated as ‘input’. My controlls don’t offer a switchbox for “Digital” output.

Unfortunately I am no electrical engineer, but gold-plated plugs are better conductor. Maybe this is another question, but there are low-price and high quality audii.


But again it’s not the only method and you need to know exactly what kind of output is used on your laptop if spdif output is combined with analog output: Hello, maybe I am too stupid, I am unable yamaha ac-xg wdm audio get digital sound working with my Laptop. Did this solve your wvm

Multimedia Sound driver Yamaha AC-XG

Sephrem, It most likely you have the most common form of laptop audio jack as 3. Also acts as a safety device not to have a laser light shining out from your laptop I have upgraded to windows 7 from XP and have unable to install the drivers for my multimedia audio yammaha.

I forget the yamaha ac-xg wdm audio name the this type of connector, but google 3.