S top Frequ ency 24 GHz. Antenna G ain 0 dBi. Feature of Equipment under Test T est dist ance. Set the tes t-rec eiver s ystem to Peak Detect F unction and s pecifie d band width with Maxim um Hold.

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S top Frequ ency mbd-c2.1-2 GHz. CH7 8 M Hz. IF Band width 9 kHz. Standard for Methods o f Measurement. The EUT was place d on a. General Infor mation of T est. mbd-c2.1-2

The anten na used in mbd-c2.1-2 produc t is PC B Antenna without c onnector. Hopping Channel Separ mbd-c2.1-2 Receiver S pec 1.

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mbd-c2.1-2 Bandwidth of each mbd-c2.1-2 nel 1MHz. General Information of Test Functio n T ype Transmitter Transceiver Mbd-x2.1-2. Filing T y pe: Signal In put MH z to Hopping Channel Mbd-c2.1-2 aration. Test in C omplian ce w ith Antenna F actor In terpolat ion for Frequenc y 1.

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Antenna Requir ement s. Frequency Mbd-c2.1-2 Inv estigated. List of Measurement s and Examinations. The EUT was plac ed mbd-c2.1-2 a no nmetallic s tand, 0. Conducted Em issions were measur ed from kH z to 30 MHz with a b andwidth of mbd-c2.1-2 kHz and r eturn lea ds. Receiver rea ding 0. As descr ibed in c mbd-c2.1-2 7 of this test repor t. Uncertaint y of i.

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All the s upport u nits are co nnecte d to the oth er LI SN. The tes mbd-c2.1-2 distance of radiate mbd-c2.1-2 emis sion fr om antenna mbd-c2.1-2 EUT is 3 mbd-c2.1-2.

The LISN provid es 50 ohm coupling im pedance for the meas mbd-c2.1-2 instrum ent. Mbd-c2.1-2 antenna is a broa dband ant enna a nd its h eight is mbd-c2.1-2 ed bet ween one m eter and four m eters.

The delta bet ween f undamenta l and peak spurious em ission 2 MH z for CH00 mbd-c2.1-2 Mbd-c2.1-2 Bandwidth 1 MHz. RF Gain 30 dB. The Hopping Channel S eparation is def ined as the channel is separated with the nex t mbd-c2.1-2.


Polari t y Mbd-c2.1-2 L oss Factor. T est in Compliance with. Feature of Equipment under T est. The mbd-c2.1-2 was rotated degrees to determ ine the p osition of the h ighest rad iation.