The grip is big and ergonomic, feels like the best of the PS3 and Xbox controllers. And since the cord is so long, I could sit away from the computer on the couch. Good travel and action but slightly sharp edges. Measuring 6 feet, a lengthy wired USB cord allows gamers to recline at a sufficient distance from the computer. Since it features a familiar layout, you can get into your games without learning new gamepad settings. I found the tradeoff acceptable, but others may be turned off by it. The first controller in this test is also the cheapest, with an average price of 29 euros.

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Works with Android Gameppad. Enjoy long, comfortable play logitech f310 gamepad thanks to smooth curves and contoured rubber grips. The left thumbstick and the D-pad can assume each other’s function and you can switch the controller’s output between Xinput and DirectInput. They also offer a high amount of resistance, which may result in finger cramps when holding down logitech f310 gamepad buttons for a longer period of time.

The triggers are responsive, but are rather small; Wish they can be bigger.

F Gamepad is rated 4. We are Logitech G.

Its configuration is much like a console-style controller. I am looking forward to using it with FIFA though.

F Gamepad – Logitech

Weighing less than a pound, the controller is also lightweight. Either way, xpadder, of course, still works with the Logitech F Info website uses cookies. In those rare instances when a game doesn’t natively support this controller, Logitech has a slick little program called Logitech Profiler which is a free download on the Logitech logitech f310 gamepad if your seller doesn’t include software with your purchase that is very much like xpadder, in that lets logitec create a custom keymap profile for each game logitech f310 gamepad choose, and will even automatically launch the appropriate profile when a game with a saved profile is opened-you can even create macros using logitech f310 gamepad utility.


Standard Android TV controls – provided through the Logitech Logo button on the gamepad together with the Back key on the controller – allow you to navigate your Android TV seamlessly.

Logitech F () Gamepad | eBay

Read full review Verified purchase: You should buy one!! Does what it should, and nothing else.

More products 11 First 10 products. A 4-switch D-pad floats on the left for browsing through in-game inventories or making combo moves on opponents. After a software installation, buttons can be customized. I have the Logitech precision game pad as well and really liked it, so I decided to get the dual action because it’s basically the same design but with dual analog and the analog sticks also count as two extra buttons, just like the playstation controllers.

As a result, characters logitech f310 gamepad vehicles in a game can not be controlled as precisely. Buttons and controls are fully programmable and can even mimic keyboard and mouse commands. Logitech f310 gamepad gaepad first to review this item.


Works great, drivers were installed automatically by Windows 7, in my case so install was a snap. But the lack of Mac support is very bad and the huge deadzones on the joysticks make FPS’s frustrating. Rubber grips on the frame make for a comfortable fit logietch the hands of gamers. The grooves under the handles are nice and deep, but the short length of the handles and the smooth surface do force you to hold the controller in a firm grasp.

If yours does run into wear and logitech f310 gamepad as my old one did, seven screws logitech f310 gamepad it easy to take down.

This controller is very similar to a Playstation controller, and that’s not a bad thing. Good travel and action but slightly sharp edges. Two flexible joysticks fit the logitech f310 gamepad of the player, and each has a ribbed pad for solid thumb adherence.

Gamepads review: 7 models for PC

Since it follows the standard controller layout introduced by Playstation, it is extremely easy to just pick up and use. See all 48 brand new listings.

Pick up and play.